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What am I getting paid for?

With the help of our website and loyal users, we can evaluate relevant articles for “truth” and pass this information on to interested parties (search engines, agencies, social networks). 89% of the income goes to your account!

How to get started?

You need an email to create an account on our website, after which you can go to the “Rate Articles” section and proceed with the work.

Want more money?

The sections "Invite Friends" and "Account Status" provide additional opportunities for earning. Go to them to get acquainted.

How do I invite friends?

Each user of our site is assigned a unique “link for friends”. You can post it on the wall in any of the social networks, after registering a friend you will receive $ 38 + 18% of the profit from each friend on an ongoing basis.

Status - what is it?

When creating an account, you are assigned a status - start. Evaluate current articles, call friends and you can be assigned the status of “experienced” and “friend”. These statuses provide additional income. Details are in the “Status” section.

How much can I earn?

Rate over 29 topical articles per day. Your profit will be at least $ 150 per day. $ 1050 per week. $ 4200 per month.

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Invite your friends

Invite your friends from social networks and get $ 38 for each. Everything is very simple - work together more fun! Details after registration.



Great news! The profit for evaluating one relevant article is now $ 5. Each day, more than 29 new articles are added. Your profit will be more than $ 150 per day.